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New Animation: Sesame Street- a case of multi everything..


Did you ever watch Sesame Street? Mr.Scratch & Sniffs been trying to work out which of the puppets were Black.. or does it really matter? Some people say Yes it does as representation should a constant theme… But what Sesame Street offered were a distinct range of Urban vibe puppets,used to living on a a street with no ASBO’s . It was a proper mix of heads, from Hispanic Puerto Ricans to Mexican , African to White Americana supporting the antics of Grover and the rest of those muppets that took over over this world of ours during the summer holidays many years ago… It was the ultimate viewing experience for contemporary audiences -a case of multi everything and still is, with President Obama saying hello on the shows 40th birthday celebration at

Interesting fact: Arthouse composer Phillip Glass wrote a couple tracks in the 1980’s for animation sequences for the show..heres a link to some amazing music for the show from that era..

Classic song from the early days of Sesame Street. Sung/written/animated by Pixar’s Bud Luckey, lyrics by Don Hadley.. fresh vibes for a summers day.. The Ladybirds Picnic

Amazing animation, very much off the latest design styles seen around the world in fashion and graphics- plus its building upon cross culture edu-tainment..’1-20 Raga’

Classic Animation sequence with soundtrack by The Pointer Sisters- ‘The Pinball Number Count’- a quality mix of jazz funk and merry vibes…


The New Black? Or is it?


…Seems like we not alone…Mr. Scratch & Sniff meet with Emory Douglas Minister of Culture for those community based volunteers ‘The Black Panthers’ a few months ago at the launch of Douglas’ graphic/film archive exhibition at Urbis, Manchester..

Fascinating insight by Douglas on the development of the organisation, that originally started off as a community based enterprise that assisted with education and distribution to children and families with offer of classes  and basic needs such as food and milk and much more due to nil services from authorities in the United States in the 1960’s.

Their ideas spread to become a source for worldwide inspiration for many people.. lots of lessons to be learned from a mutual cultural history that created so much.. Have a peek at an original documentary of The Black Panthers from 1968 (part 1 of  2)

Emory Douglas – Minister For Culture for  The Black Panthers at Urbis

New Spotlight: Barry Adamson- from Moss Side to David Lynch…


Former member of the art-punk band The Bad Seeds with Nick Cave, Barry Adamson’s work in music and film has grown from his early days of growing up in Manchester’s Moss Side. He’s gone on to score music thats contributions for films for directors such as Oliver Stones ‘Natural Born Killers’ , Derek Jarman’s ‘The Last of England’ and David Lynch’s ‘Lost Highway’.. quite an impressive line up for someone who spent his early years in Moss Side listening to Led Zeppelin, Motown and Bowie wearing a Batman costume … More information can be found at;

New Archives: Wheres Carmen now?

Carmen Jones

The nature of archives and what they signify provides people with a range of thoughts, from political debate and issue of representation of culture and race to personal experience of ‘wow do you remember watching that!’ ..Over the coming months we will host a series of responses to what archives offer and how people are re- reading new messages into the culture of work that exists out there…so do chk in again, more to come…

Contemporary Audiences- is this you?

So what is The New Black you may ask yourself…heres another addition for all..


Foremost, The New Black provides information, support advice and guidance for people wanting to develop their experience of Black film . This is delivered through network members delivering film exhibition and distribution for contemporary audiences, through a mix of film screenings and special edition programmes at venues locally.

A contemporary audience is one thats inclusive and features a distinct mix of ages and cultures . Some people suggest that contemporary audiences can be classed as ‘Urban’, kool, The New Black offers that experience to be at the forefront of the experience of people attending the various events, screenings and programmes that are delivered within the regions.

Infact, we just ‘peas in a pod’ sayeth mr. Scratch & Sniff, preferring Black Eyed Peas to the green variety… so heres a special 3d visual mix for his fluffness…

3dbeans copy

New Urban Docs: Soulpower



New Screening for all you headnodders and booty shakers, The New Black network, Bristols Watershed & Africa Eye present a pre – festival warm up to the St.Pauls Carnival with a screening of ‘Soulpower’ featuring a worldwide line up that includes the late great mr. James Brown and friends . Originally shot at the time of the great’ Rumble in the Jungle’ depicted in the classic documentary ‘When We Were Kings’ featuring Mohammad Ali & George Foreman in Zaire, Africa … do chk The New Black Network site for further details of the screening ..Have a look at the official UK trailer..tis boom boom!

Hello world! meet mr.Scratch & Sniff…

Welcome to The New Black – an emerging network  for the film distribution and exhibition sector. Supported by Film London,  our focus is upon the Black film experience , strengthening activities of film  exhibition through education, marketing , programming and screenings for contemporary audiences.

Over the next few months we will keep you updated on key areas that the network delivers,  from animation to archives, to debate within the Sector to how to build a contemporary audience.

Also, meet  mr.Scratch & Sniff , our guide  into the land of cultures unrivaled hunting for pure gems , ensuring that we get to see, hear and view the latest articles, archives, heritage ,contemporary film and lots more outer-national connections to the work that the networks delivers…ciao!

black squirrel copy3d