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New Archives: The Jackson 5

more-of-michael-jacksonMr.Scratch nSniff is Very sad to hear the news of Michael Jackson passing 2 hours ago…His journey started off as may people know as part the Jackson5…from the 1960’s onwards they saturated potentially every home with a TV with a distinct awareness of Black pride, music and culture that created a multitude of Black, White and all the shades in between of micro Jackson wanabee vibes all over this planet of ours…This in turn  inspiring a new generaton to be more active in moving forward to become more another source of people in the mass media of development we see today…

Infact, mr.Scratch&Sniff remembers many many years ago having taped the ‘Thriller’ video of TV when it was released on the  music show ‘The Tube’.. Mr.Scratch& Sniff ended up causing a mini havoc in school after a lunchtime screening of the Michael Jackson hit to over a 100 fellow school kids who went on to do zombie impersonations in all their lessons that entire afternoon…It was def a site to see kids ‘zombie hopping’ the fields whilst their teachers were trying to get them to play rugby , hockey and netball with no effect whatsoever on the micro funksters…

Another icon, another star who grew, fell, and now has risen again with his light that will shine brightly forevermore…

Here’s an early clip of the family in one of acclaimed classic dance routines with a little Micheal Jackson at the helm…

1970′ s Classic cartoon from Rankin & Bass with the J5 in ‘ABC’


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