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Special Screening: Afrika Eye, Watershed & The New Black present ‘Soulpower’


The New Black are working in partnership with AfriKa Eye and the Watershed, hosting a key screening of Jeffrey Levy- Hinte’s ‘Soulpower’ the new funk soul world music  feature documentary . Afrika Eye provide a distinct link and platform for film exhibition of African films , having worked with Bristols Watershed over the years, building a distinct body of film screenings at the venue.

Afrika Eye brings the very best of African and African-Diaspora films to communities in Bristol. This is achieved through a programme of film screenings to special events like Soul Power. It could be suggested that ‘Soulpower’ is a ‘warm up’ activity for local communities prior to their Carnival in Bristol, providing a much needed meeting point of people of many cultures too connect and engage with film and venue as audiences. Other in-depth work by over the years includes the Afrika Eye series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Anti-Apartheid movement.

Once a year they host the Afrika Eye Film Festival in partnership with Watershed cinema and wider venues in the South West that also features live performance, workshops, discussions and masterclasses.


Speaking about the forthcoming screening of Soulpower, Afrika Eye say ”We are very excited about The New Black and hope to take many of the films they screen on tour in the future. Soul Power is the first of these’

‘Soulpower’s director Jeffery Levy -Hinte has a substantial background in filmmaking , from the urban graffiti high octane film ‘Bomb It’ to work with Roman Polanksi on his film ‘Wanted and Desired. As editor on the Academy Awarded ‘ When We Were Kings’, ‘Soulpower’ is the very impressive documentary of the musicians that traveled to Zaire, Africa and support the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ between boxers Ali & Foreman.


Featuring Ali and Foreman’s 1974 fight in Kinshasa, Zaire – the “Rumble in the Jungle” – is legendary, but no less momentous was the music festival alongside it. A forceful & exuberant declaration of empowerment, it brought together some of the best African-American & native African soul musicians from James Brown, B.B. King, Bill Withers, Miriam Makeba, Celia Cruz, The Crusaders, Sister Sledge, and many others – for three days of electrifying, at times explosive performances. A reminder of an era and movement that shaped history and a celebration of the sheer power of music.

The event will be introduced by St Paul’s Carnival Artistic Director Pax Nindi.

Tickets: £6.50 full and £5.00 concs – includes a free Wray & Nephew Carnival Punch – from Watershed Box Office (0117) 927 5100 or online at

Soul Power then opens at Watershed on Fri 10 July

A St Paul’s Carnival Fringe event presented in partnership with Afrika Eye and The New Black.

Soulpower UK trailer :


New Urban Features: Shifty


Mr.Scratch&Sniff met up with new film acting sensation Riz Ahmed over the weekend, watching his directorial work on a new multimedia event called ‘Salaam Peace’ at Manchesters Contact that featured a mix of young men from Somalia, Pakistan and Bangladesh backgrounds all looking at the theme of Islam how the experience is affecting the 9/11 urban generation.

Riz is a well assured individual and its not surprising he’s featured in a range of films such as ‘Road to Guantanamo’, ‘Britz’ and is currently in the new film ‘Centurion ‘ a feature just completing post production that also features David Morrissey (Red Riding) and Noel Clarke (Adulthood).

After sending a major press release of his work, you find he’s worked with Massive Attack and Nitin Sawhney on the BBC Electric Proms as Riz MC. With a varied range of tracks to his credit, its not surprising he’s waxing lyrical in the new feature and lead star of ‘Swifty’, developed as part of Film London’s Microwave Scheme for new films.

Have a chk and peek at his lyrical vibes with an exclusive video from the original motion picture soundtrack of ‘Swifty’ also co- starring Danny Mays, who features in the new Spielberg film ‘TinTin’. The track features Riz MC with Sway and Plan B, and is produced by Blue Bear from True Tiger…