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New Archives: Miles Davis


One of the most influential jazz players in the 20th Century, Miles Davies is recognised for his unique playing style that was taken up by French director Louis Malle for his first film in 1958 called ‘Elevator to the Gallows’ starring Jeanne Moreau… a film that was a basis for the European New Wave that has had great impact on filmmakers worldwide and potentially inspired from sources such asĀ  Miles Davis music from that era.

Miles Davis pushed the boundaries of the art form, effectively creating another world of sound that exerted influence on film scores and sound composition, heard on albums such as ‘Witches Brew’ to the 50th Anniversary of ‘Kind of Blue’ , an album given accolade by Rolling Stones magazine as being in the top 12 albums of all time..heres Miles playing with John Coltrane on ‘So What’..

Have a peek and listen to Davis’ and Malle’s work on a trailer for the film ‘Elevator to the Gallows’


New Archives: Wheres Carmen now?

Carmen Jones

The nature of archives and what they signify provides people with a range of thoughts, from political debate and issue of representation of culture and race to personal experience of ‘wow do you remember watching that!’ ..Over the coming months we will host a series of responses to what archives offer and how people are re- reading new messages into the culture of work that exists out there…so do chk in again, more to come…

Contemporary Audiences- is this you?

So what is The New Black you may ask yourself…heres another addition for all..


Foremost, The New Black provides information, support advice and guidance for people wanting to develop their experience of Black film . This is delivered through network members delivering film exhibition and distribution for contemporary audiences, through a mix of film screenings and special edition programmes at venues locally.

A contemporary audience is one thats inclusive and features a distinct mix of ages and cultures . Some people suggest that contemporary audiences can be classed as ‘Urban’, kool, The New Black offers that experience to be at the forefront of the experience of people attending the various events, screenings and programmes that are delivered within the regions.

Infact, we just ‘peas in a pod’ sayeth mr. Scratch & Sniff, preferring Black Eyed Peas to the green variety… so heres a special 3d visual mix for his fluffness…

3dbeans copy