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New Archive: David Carradine

110859prhThe great David Carradine just passed away today…a key role model for a lot of people in the 1970’s with his hit USA show ‘Kung Fu’. His role in the 70s’s was iconic as the item of cultural representation in UK broadcast media was virtually nothing. Providing a distinct antidote to people of many cultures in the UK to have another look at who they where . USA TV film bought progressive commentary and a needed intervention of build of notion of representation of race and culture at a time when race politics in the UK where at best, embryonic.

People may remember Carradine’s renaissance in the last few years playing Bill, in ‘Kill Bill’ directed by Quentin Tarantino building on his character in ‘Kung Fu’, but delivering a darker side of the ‘Golden Hero’ in that very warped Tarantino way..Here’s a snapshot of Carradine in action from the old days of normal tv land…viva the Grasshopper -we salute you…