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New Animation: Sesame Street- a case of multi everything..


Did you ever watch Sesame Street? Mr.Scratch & Sniffs been trying to work out which of the puppets were Black.. or does it really matter? Some people say Yes it does as representation should a constant theme… But what Sesame Street offered were a distinct range of Urban vibe puppets,used to living on a a street with no ASBO’s . It was a proper mix of heads, from Hispanic Puerto Ricans to Mexican , African to White Americana supporting the antics of Grover and the rest of those muppets that took over over this world of ours during the summer holidays many years ago… It was the ultimate viewing experience for contemporary audiences -a case of multi everything and still is, with President Obama saying hello on the shows 40th birthday celebration at

Interesting fact: Arthouse composer Phillip Glass wrote a couple tracks in the 1980’s for animation sequences for the show..heres a link to some amazing music for the show from that era..

Classic song from the early days of Sesame Street. Sung/written/animated by Pixar’s Bud Luckey, lyrics by Don Hadley.. fresh vibes for a summers day.. The Ladybirds Picnic

Amazing animation, very much off the latest design styles seen around the world in fashion and graphics- plus its building upon cross culture edu-tainment..’1-20 Raga’

Classic Animation sequence with soundtrack by The Pointer Sisters- ‘The Pinball Number Count’- a quality mix of jazz funk and merry vibes…