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New Digital Technologies: Tetris

Tetris - safe

..tis 25th Anniversary of Tetris, the Russian invented computer puzzle that kept a lot urban youff out off pocket by being installed in snooker halls and cafes …alongside Pacman and Donkey King, Tetris was considered a bit weird and not kool to play..well it was a bit dry really, but compared to its great grandchild, Grand Theft Auto, Tetris is definatly worth a credible mention and another look as a key educational tool given the ratio of nil shoot me ups, nil body counts and nil car crash victims..Mr.Scratch n Sniff waiting to hear a remix of the Tetris music, hoping that Daft Punk who are composing for the new version of the Walt Disney classic ‘Tron’ take on the role…heres alook at the original light bike scene from ‘Tron’..